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Company Overview

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Description: 中国数码文化(集团)有限公司(ChinaDigitalCulture(Group)Limited)(下称“集团”)是香港联合交易所创业板上市的多元化娱乐集团,股票代码:8175。  集团以娱乐文化内容为核心建立平台,提供渠道和用户多元化服务。历经8年的发展,形成了电竞娱乐、体育、文化旅游三大主营业务。
Description: 中国数码文化(集团)有限公司(ChinaDigitalCulture(Group)Limited)(下称“集团”)是香港联合交易所创业板上市的多元化娱乐集团,股票代码:8175。  集团以娱乐文化内容为核心建立平台,提供渠道和用户多元化服务。历经8年的发展,形成了电竞娱乐、体育、文化旅游三大主营业务。
    China Digital Culture (Group) Limited is listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, HKEx Stock code :8175.
  Centering on entertainment and cultural contents, the Group has built a platform, providing channel and customer diversification services, as well as information consultancy and service related to digital music content, digital music copyright management, digital music channel distribution, sports events planning and execution, operation of sports TV broadcasting right, sports stars brokerage, film and television artists brokerage, commercial promotion, etc in respect of music, sports and film & television entertainment.
  The Group by now has successfully built up an unprecedented digital copyright management system. The Group owns a numbers of patents, it has international leading technologies on copyright management platform and cloud system and has many years of operating experiences on these technologies. Being the largest licensed music & sports contents provider, the Group has established long term and close cooperation relationship with the major telecommunication operators and television stations in China. So far, through reorganization, China Digital Culture (Group) Limited has established an intact industry chain integrated with four major businesses in music, sport, film & television entertainment, integrated entertainment, which is reaching global customers by degrees.
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